Facebook Album Photo Count Is Inconsistent

Noticed something strange in Facebook as it pertains to users who have pictures in albums that are not shared with me. For example, let’s take the profile of MG Siegler. If you navigate to his photo albums, you will see the following: 



As can be seen above, the album dedicated to his profile pictures, which is always named Profile Pictures for all users, shows a question mark polaroid-like icon indicating none of the images are shared with me. What is interesting here is that while none of the photos are shared with me, I am told that there are 60 photos in this album. After clicking on this album, the user will see: 



And here is the second strange part: the messaging on this page indicates that there are no photos in this album

A couple of thoughts:

1. It’s not a good user experience that on one page, the user is told that there are 60 photos, and on the next, the user is told that there are zero photos. A content edit may improve the second page by saying something like: This user has not shared this album with you. 

2. Is this a privacy glitch/bug on the first page? Perhaps MG Siegler wants the specific count of photos in this album to remain private. While it’s certainly not as bad as showing the photos to unauthorized viewers, is the public really authorized to know how many photos there are in the first place?