Presidential donation flows (part 2 of 2) – Hillary Clinton

Four years ago I did an audit of the donation flows of the two presidential campaigns – here it is for reference: Obama vs. Romney: Donation Flow Comparison. As more and more people are going to be making such donations on their mobile phones, I’m going to capture the user flows on my phone – specifically, on the Safari app on an iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.3)

Here are the observations for the Hillary Clinton flow:

  • When searching “Hillary Clinton” in Google, it takes approximately 4 scroll lengths to get to the relevant link in view to get to Hillary Clinton’s campaign site. See screen where the “Hillary Clinton 2016” link is in the user’s view.
  • Before the user has the ability to start the donation flow, the user is shown an interstitial page – Welcome Tim Kaine to the team! – this page will come with the usual caveats of interstitials. Emails collected will go up, and donations collected will go down.
  • On the Select an Amount page, the user is shown an incentive to complete the flow: “Make a donation today and get a free brand-new Clinton-Kaine sticker.
  • One key difference between the flow on the Clinton site vs. the Trump site is that Clinton’s flow is all on one page whereas Trump’s flow is split over several pages. Typically, the several step flow is less intimidating to the user because all the steps they need to complete are not in their face.
  • After entering all necessary information and touching the Donate prompt, the user is shown another Make this a monthly donation interstitial. After several seconds, the user is shown the Your donation is complete! screen.
  • On the confirmation page, the user is shown a prompt to have their email opted-in – this is the Next, join Team Hillary screen – in order to receive a bumper sticker. Given that the user was earlier told that a donation was enough to get a sticker, and now the user is also being asked to opt into the email list, this seems somewhat misleading.
  • In the confirmation email, the user is given an opportunity to share the link to the Clinton campaign via social media as well as shop from the Hillary Clinton online store.