Presidential donation flows (part 1 of 2) – Donald Trump

Four years ago I did an audit of the donation flows of the two presidential campaigns – here it is for reference: Obama vs. Romney: Donation Flow Comparison. As more and more people are going to be making such donations on their mobile phones, I’m going to capture the user flows on my phone – specifically, on the Safari app on an iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.3)

First, we’ll start with Donald Trump, and then we’ll move on to Hillary Clinton. Observations:

  • When searching “Donald Trump” in Google, it takes approximately 5 scroll lengths to get to the relevant link in view to get to Donald Trump’s campaign site. See screen where the “Make America Great Again!” link is in the user’s view.
  • On the screen where the candidate is asking for a donation – this is the “I AM YOUR VOICE” screen:
    • The candidate lays out his pitch for why the user should make a donation to the campaign
    • The user is given an opportunity to make this donation a recurring donation
    • The user is given an opportunity to log in, although this treatment is not given prominence
  • The transition between the Choose donation amount step and the Enter your information step is broken. The user sees what looks to be a blank screen with no clear call to action. After selecting done the user can scroll to the top and enter the relevant payment information.
  • After completing the donation, the user is prompted to immediately double their donation. This is a bold ask to the user, but one that could be fruitful even if it has a low conversion rate.
  • The user receives two confirmation emails – one from the Trump campaign, and one from Stripe – which is the payment processor. This may be somewhat confusing to some users and the campaign may be better served muting the second email and not having Stripe send it out.