LinkedIn People You May Know Invite/Connect Flow Lacks a Step

When you go to a user’s profile page on LinkedIn, there’s a large button you can click on to connect to that user. On click, you will see:


Before sending the invitation, you are required to specify how you know the person i.e. is the person a colleague? classmate? or just a friend?

There’s at least one other way you can connect to people — through the “People You May Know” module in the top right of the main landing page. Here, there is a “see more” option that will take you to a full page dedicated to “People You May Know”.

On this page, LinkedIn is giving you suggestions of people to connect with. Here is an example:


By clicking on “Connect” I expected to be taken to the same page as shown above — namely where I can specify how I know this person. However, I see the following treatment:


What is interesting here is that the user is not required to specify how they know the person they are trying to connect with.

My reactions:
1. I don’t like the inconsistent user experience. It doesn’t make sense where in one flow I’m asked for this extra information and in another flow I am not. If there’s a compelling reason to ask for this information, it should be included in both flows. If there is no compelling reason, it should be removed from both flows.
2. Given that this extra step is not in the new “People You May Know” page, intuition says this piece of information is not vital. Given that, I do like the fact that it is left out and the end-to-end experience for the user is shortened. Having this functionality makes it possible to keep the user on the People You May Know page without having them leave. Thus, they’re more likely to connect with other recommendations on the same page.