iTunes Playlist: Delete vs. Remove

In an earlier post, I wrote about how items in the Shopping Cart are removed and how the initial call to action is “delete”.

Noticed something similar in iTunes. When viewing the options after selecting a song while in the Playlist View, you see the following:


By clicking on “Delete”, you are shown the following dialog:


So essentially, in order to remove a song from a playlist, you need to click on the “delete” option. I don’t find this user experience ideal as one would reasonably associate the “delete” option with permanently deleting the mp3 from your computer – not necessarily simply removing it from this current playlist. Furthermore, if the next dialog is asking you “hey, are you sure you want to remove this song”, then even iTunes is acknowledging what you are doing is removing, and not deleting. The better user experience would be to add an option “Remove from Playlist” in the same menu section as “Add to Playlist” and “Show in Playlist”.