An Enhancement to the LinkedIn Connection Confirmation Email

After someone accepts your connection request on LinkedIn, you are sent an automated confirmation email. In this email, you see a snippet of the user’s connections. These are people that you may already be connected to, or new people out of your network. 

When you click on the “connect” call to action for any of these users, you are taken to a page where you can submit a request to be connected with the user.

Here’s the part that doesn’t make sense to me. The part above the “connect” call to action where the user’s name and job headline is listed is also clickable. My expectation upon clicking on that part of the email was that I would be taken to that user’s public profile page – or their main page if I’m already connected to them. However, what happens is that I’m just taken to the same connection request page. This doesn’t make much sense to me as what I really wanted to do was to learn more about this person – and not to submit a connection request. And, the connection request functionality already exists with the “connect” link. 

If I were to enhance this email, I’d lead two outgoing links from this module. One to request connection as it already exists, and one to take you to the user’s public profile page. That would be the more intuitive user experience.